Vince Sooriyami is a Sri Lankan-Canadian midfielder playing at the Marpole Rink Soccer Club (MRSC).


Vincent is known for his superb hockey skills however he plays soccer time to time. He started soccer in elementary school at DLG and then played occasionally in high school. He is an athlete who workouts out regularly at the gym

Talent Analysis

Vincent is a two sport superstar, known for his hockey talents and slap shots he has started participating in soccer games and he seems to have brought his hockey talent with him. He knows where to pass and where to position for the balls as a player would in a hockey game. Sandeep seems to have passed him some wisdom about soccer and this is showing by the way Vincent passes the ball back and forth between his teammates. Although he has down played his soccer skills claiming that " it's just cardio" but a normal bystander can see the talent this guy possesses.

Quotes From Others

"Man! Look at him! He pulled off a NHL move in a soccer game."

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