Rocky Li is a Chinese-Canadian midfielder playing at the Marpole Rink Soccer Club (MRSC).


Rocky was born in Vancouver, Canada. He began his sporting career at the age of 8 by mainly playing basketball. Soccer was just a side dish to the main course. Throughout his teen years, Rocky struggled to pick a sport to focus on, which resulted in him not being extremely good in either sport. It wasn’t until high school that Rocky dedicated all his attention to soccer and focused to improve his skills. Rocky has never been in any tournaments or leagues and has only played in exhibition matches. In mid 2011, Rocky decided to hang up the shoes and retire. However, due to an invitation by Justin Wong on January 8, 2013 to join an upcoming league in September 2014, Rocky decided to give one last push in his soccer career.  

Talent Analysis

Rock's biggest talent is his HEART. Heart, soul, and, passion is what has been observed about him early in the season. This guy puts 100 percent in every play and in every game that he participates in. Despite having run out of breath and being low on stamina this guy continues to push his body beyond his physical limits. This guy is a prime example of how to play with heart. To begin the season he might not have the best stamina around but whatever he seems to lack in stamina he makes up for it with his passion and desire. He travels many miles to come and participate in MRSC, this alone shows us his desire. He has taken some hard body shots and hit his knee on the post and while other players would probably sit the game out, Rocky continued to stay in the game and perform. Talent is something that can be taught but heart is something that you are born with and Rocky was born with heart. Rocky will continue to work on his game and try and build stamina as well his finishing abilities. Given his passion and commitment, we should see Rocky achieve this.

Quotes From Others

"Man this guy is made of steel. He hit his knee on the goal post and yet he is still in the game?! How is that possible? If that was me, I would be in the hospital right now"

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