Lawrence is a Chinese-Canadian player of the Marpole Rink Soccer Club (MRSC). He was an unofficial MRSC player in the beginning of the season, but has become a full membership midway through the season with multiple apperances. He is a free agent that is eligible to play for any team.

Early Life

Lawerence was born in Vancouver and used to play soccer 10 years back. However, he took a long term leave and hasn't returned to the game of soccer again until his MRSC debut this season.

Talent Analysis

Lawrence has the ability to run, but often without any ball possession. His shots need improvement. He has shown to have the weakest kick in the league. Lawrence also has fanned on numerous shot attempts, often missing the ball completely and striking air. He is injury prone and often comes into the game already injured form outside activties such as running with a water bottle. This player is made of glass and is quite fragile.


Lawrence tends to lose out-of-bound balls in the bushes near the rink due to his inability to carry the balls back into the rink. He has the tendacy to kick the ball back into the rink, only with the ball landing directly into the bushes instead. Because of this common occurance, a game was delayed 30 minutes as the rest of the players had to find the ball.

Quotes From Others

"This guy really got injured by running with a water bottle?!"

"This guy is weaker than a Chihuahua."

"Does he have any common sense to bring the ball into the rink... Why the hell is he kicking it into the bushes?"

"Bet you this guy will not score a single goal this season."

"What?! He wants to borrow a T-Shirt? HELL NO!"

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