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I'm Daisee. I'm a retard on a horse.

Daisee Tang is a Chinese-Canadian defender with the Rage Alliance of the Marpole Rink Soccer Club (MRSC). While he's officially signed with the Rage Alliance, he's occasionally rented out on contract to play for the Angers United. Daisee immigrated to Canada several years ago, thus he had to battle through a language barrier early in his career.


Daisee was born in Hong Kong. His real name is a mystery, however, he adopted the name "Daisee" after turning into a vegetarian and becoming a fortune teller. Daisee litterally means "fortune teller" in Cantonese. He was introduced to soccer by one of his friends in 2007 and has become a seasonal soccer player since. He later became a member of the MRSC that same year.

Talent Analysis

Daisee is known for his defense and his superb ability to block shots. He often takes on the role of a defender, and uses his speed to challenge when appropriate. He likes to go into the corners to challenge the attackers. While his defensive side is adept, he is lacking in the offensive department. He currently has the worst shot in MRSC. His offensive weakness has reflected in the stats as he often records under 4 goals each season, with each of the goals being pure luck.

2012 Analysis



Early in his career, Daisee was notorious for his outrageous kungfu implemented maneuvers, his frequent handball infractions, and his lack of power control as he constantly sent soccer balls out of the rink on every kick.

Quotes From Others

"This is one of the worst players ever. Does he even know how to kick a ball?!"

"This guy has no idea where he is shooting. He is just kicking the ball. He has no aim."

"Is this guy capable of keeping the ball in the rink?"

"He was in net, and one second later when I turn around, he literally DISAPPEARED!!!"

"We looked back and saw him crouching behind the net talking on his cellphone, leaving the net wide open!"

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